4 Ways to Conduct Local Recruitment Advertising in 2022

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Recruitment Advertising in Today's Market

Recruitment Advertising can be challenging and confusing. Recruiter.com defines recruitment advertising as “the processes, methods, design, and branding principles that employers use when they post jobs online or through offline channels”. 2021 has been a very problematic year for businesses being short-staffed. Recruiters had a tough time, but they have done what they are meant to do; adapt. The recruitment market is more competitive than ever and people are becoming more innovative every day. Virtual hiring is going to stick around because of the huge cost and time savings that are involved. Having a virtual onboarding structure allows a company to have a more streamlined approach, improve diversity, and achieve hiring more talented individuals by reaching across the world. 

Just like traditional advertising, recruitment advertising has 4 basic steps to its funnel; awareness, consideration, decision, and action. The first step is building awareness that your company is looking for a rock star candidate to join your team!

recruitment marketing
recruitment marketing

Step 1. Building Awareness

Tons of online job boards are ready for you to post your job. Many of the candidates in today’s market are not actively looking for a new job so, it is important to develop a strategy to be seen in multiple places. 

Linkedin is an awesome online job board that allows posting jobs for free. To ensure that potential candidates are more likely to complete the application make sure that you have an active presence on Linkedin and your profile is filled out. Social media can help your business build awareness of open job listings. Linkedin has worked hard on developing an advanced target advertising software. To learn more on how to use Linkedin advertising visit their article at https://www.linkedin.com/business/marketing/blog/linkedin-ads/how-to-advertise-on-linkedin-in-7-simple-steps. If you rather have the professionals take care of your recruitment marketing visit our service page at https://fiveriversmarketing.com/services/ to learn more about what Five Rivers Marketing can do for your business! 

Your next big online job board would be Indeed. Indeed is similar to Linkedin but focuses primarily on just posting and applying for jobs compared to Linkedin being used for networking, social media, and job posting. Indeed has a simple advertising process that allows you to boost your open position to the top of pages that increase the visibility of your posted job.  

The next big step in developing awareness for recruitment is to optimize your website for specific keywords that your potential candidate would be searching for. You should have a specific page that has career opportunities and within that page, you should optimize it for SEO purposes, create a job listing and description, and if possible, develop an application process on your website. 

Lastly, create content for social media and your website that shows an amazing work environment and encourages people to apply directly on your website. Make sure to include this process in your social media marketing plan to ensure a consistent and professional appearance. 

Step 2. Create Consideration

Creating awareness is just about informing people about who you are, consideration is taking into the next step and making them want to work for you! 

At this stage, it is important to make sure that you have a full-fledged plan on ensuring you have strong career pages on social media and your businesses’ website. Getting current employees aware of promotional offers regarding recruitment may be your best strategy. Linkedin studies have shown that majority of people first hear about a new job from word-of-mouth. You can also develop an employee advocacy plan that will have your workforce doing the marketing for you! This plan could consist of current employees creating social media posts about specific products, campaigns, or their joy of working at their job. Getting current employees a part of your recruitment advertising plan could be an extremely crucial part.

Step 3. Making a Decision​

At this point, your potential candidate is aware of your amazing company and is interested in joining a virtual interview after considering the job. The decision step mainly consists of the potential candidate interview process. It is important to understand that you need to not make any mistakes because candidates typically have more than one option. Even if they are unemployed candidates could still deny the job and hope to find another one. 

Getting that rock star candidate to join your company will be a challenge, but you have worked extremely hard to get them in the door so the next step is nailing the interview! It is important to let them know of any benefits, perks, compensation, and anything else a candidate needs to know before making an informed decision to apply.

Step 4. Create Action

Now that you and the candidate both have an interest in joining forces, it is time to give them an offer to join your team! The goal is to get the candidate to take the offer and you create action to make them an employee!

Final Thoughts

The most important step in the process is creating awareness of your open position and getting qualified candidates to apply. This process takes money and you need to determine how much of a budget you would like to spend to hire the right person, try to aim for less than 10% of the position’s yearly salary. You can use this budget on the paid job listing on Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor. You can also use paid social media ads on Facebook and Linkedin. The last area is going to be traditional google text ads that lead to that amazing optimized career landing page that you have created.


Make sure when using ad formats that have pictures, to select pictures that best fit your work environment and to start doing A/B test on the images that you have selected. If you don’t want to spend countless hours designing the career page, optimizing social media, and doing paid ads on the job board then contact Five Rivers  Marketing for your recruitment advertising at info@fiveriversmarketing.com

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