Accelerating Growth for Pack Mule Dumpster Rentals with Five Rivers Marketing

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Pack Mule Dumpster Rental, a fast-emerging player in the waste management industry, partnered with Five Rivers Marketing in September 2023 to boost their brand visibility and customer acquisition. This update provides an insightful perspective on the transformative journey that has seen Pack Mule Dumpster Rental experience explosive growth over a 9-month period.

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Pack Mule Dumpster Rental, at the inception of our partnership, was generating modest monthly revenue of $2,080.50. The challenge was to identify and implement effective marketing strategies that would escalate their brand presence and customer engagement, leading to substantial growth in revenue.


Five Rivers Marketing identified a multi-faceted approach involving reputation management, website development, SEO, social media marketing, and a particular emphasis on Google Ads. We believed that Google Ads, with its extensive reach and precise targeting capabilities, would serve as a powerful tool to secure quality leads and increase conversions.

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The impact of our strategic marketing efforts was felt almost immediately. Over the past 9 months, we observed an astounding 1300% increase in Pack Mule Dumpster Rental’s revenue, which surged to $28,739.55 in May.

Our Google Ads strategy, in particular, demonstrated significant value. In the last 3 months, we were able to generate 246.81 leads at a cost of just $14.15 per lead. These leads, primarily obtained from form fill-outs, were highly convertible, with Pack Mule Dumpster Rental managing to convert roughly 45% of them. Given that each customer was valued at an average of $400, the return on investment was substantial.

Here’s a breakdown of the performance metrics:

  • We attracted 110 customers through Google Ads, which translated into $44,000 in revenue.
  • The total cost of Google Ads was $3,490, and management cost was $1,200.
  • The ROI stood at an impressive 9.3x.
  • The CTR was a commendable 10.91%, with 1,646 clicks.
  • The Conversion Rate was 14.99%.
  • The Cost per Click (CPC) was $2.12.
  • Total Impressions stood at 15,083.
  • The total campaign cost was $3,491.53.

Our partnership with Pack Mule Dumpster Rental underscores the power of strategic digital marketing and the profound impact it can have on business growth. As we continue to evolve our marketing tactics in line with changing industry trends, we are confident that Pack Mule Dumpster Rental will continue to achieve new heights of success.


What Pack Mule Dumpster Rentals Said About Us

Five Rivers was spot on with vision of what I wanted for a Webpage. Very professional, easy to work with and ask great questions. They also had a lot of suggestions as to how to improve my vision. I couldn't be happier!