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OverviewAshlee Fence sought a comprehensive omni-channel marketing plan. The first step in our collaboration was a complete website redesign. This entailed adding over 100 new pages to enhance the user experience and better showcase their services.

Impact: The new website significantly improved Ashlee Fence’s online presence. Not only did it boost their conversion rate to an impressive 23% (far above the industry standard of 5%), but it also laid the groundwork for successful integration with other marketing channels, particularly Google Ads.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Strategy: A key component of our marketing plan was enhancing Ashlee Fence’s SEO. By optimizing their website with targeted keywords and quality content, we aimed to increase their visibility on search engines.

Results: Our efforts led to a remarkable 600% increase in keyword rankings. This surge not only made Ashlee Fence more discoverable online but also contributed to a higher organic traffic flow to their website.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Approach: Integrating our Google Ads strategy with the redesigned website was pivotal. Our focus was on creating targeted ad campaigns that would direct high-quality leads to the newly optimized website.

Achievements: This strategy yielded exceptional results, generating nearly 100 leads per month with a 20% conversion rate. The synergy between the website’s design and our PPC efforts played a crucial role in achieving these numbers.

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Social Media Marketing

Tactics: To enhance Ashlee Fence’s presence on social media, we focused on creating engaging content and growing their audience, particularly on Facebook.

Growth: Our efforts led to a 44% increase in their Facebook audience. More importantly, there was a 401% increase in overall page impressions compared to the previous year. This surge in engagement and reach has been instrumental in boosting brand awareness and customer interaction on social media platforms.


What Ashlee Fence Said About Us

Charles and his team are very thorough and take the time to develop programs and content that fit your business. Highly recommend.