SMM – GroundSystems

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Five Rivers Marketing was approached by a local landscaping company, GroundSystems, to help them with their recruitment efforts. The company was struggling to attract top talent to join their team and was in need of a solution.

After analyzing the company’s social media presence and reviewing their recruitment process, Five Rivers Marketing developed a targeted social media strategy to showcase the company culture and benefits of working at GroundSystems. This included creating engaging content for the company’s social media accounts and utilizing targeted advertising to reach potential candidates.

The results were impressive. Within the first month of implementing the strategy, GroundSystems saw a significant increase in the number of job applications and was able to hire several highly qualified candidates.

The success of the social media recruitment strategy has had a positive impact on the company’s overall operations. With a stronger team in place, GroundSystems has been able to take on more clients and expand their services.

Overall, Five Rivers Marketing was able to help GroundSystems solve their recruitment challenge and drive business growth through the effective use of social media.


What GroundSystems Said About Us

I've had the great pleasure of working with Charles Burns. Five Rivers Marketing was given the autonomy and freedom to operate, with strict adherence to company deadlines and accountability to its results. Early on in our relationship I witnessed firsthand his urgency and extra attention to detail. He is very committed to brand recognition, as well as levers to pull in order to market the organization to better serve our customer base and attract new business.