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PPC Management Services in Dayton & Cincinnati, Ohio

If you’re looking for PPC management services in Dayton and Cincinnati, OH, look no further! We have the experience, expertise, and passion necessary to help your business reach new heights.

At Five Rivers Marketing, we believe that every business deserves to be heard by potential customers who are actively looking for products or services like yours. That’s why we make it our mission to optimize your website so that it can be found by these people—no matter whether they’re searching on Google or Bing!

We are committed to providing quality results at a reasonable price point because we want every business owner in Dayton and Cincinnati who comes to us for help with PPC management services to feel as though they’re getting their money’s worth!

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What is PPC?

Pay-per-click is an internet advertising model in which publishers are paid each time a user clicks on their ads. It is usually associated with first-tier search engines such as Google.

When you bid for PPC, you set a maximum cost per click (CPC) that you are willing to pay for each visitor who clicks on your ad. The higher the CPC, the more likely people will click on your ad. However, there’s no guarantee that they will convert into leads or customers.

PPC ads can appear in two places: above and beside organic search results. Organic search results are unpaid listings in a search engine’s natural ranking order—the listings that appear when a user searches for something without using any paid search options like sponsored links or keywords. Advertisers bid on keywords to show up beside these organic results, or they bid on keywords where they want their ads to appear in relation to other advertisers’ ads in the same space above organic results (or both).

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What Platforms Do We Cover?

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Twitter Advertising

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PPC Management Package

What Goes Into Our PPC Management Packages?

Bid Management

PPC bid management is the process of raising and lowering your keyword bids based on performance. Your bid impacts where your Google ads appear in search results, so it's important to adjust your bids for each keyword to get the most out of your budget. If you aren't sure what PPC bid management is, or if you're not sure how it works, don't worry! We've got you covered.

Ad Placement and Targeting Adjustments

Are you a business owner who's looking for PPC ad placement and targeting adjustments? If so, our team of experts can help you get the results you want. We'll help you fine-tune your PPC ads to make sure they're reaching the right audience and getting good clickthrough rates. That way, your business will be able to reach more customers and grow its revenue.

Geo-targeting Improvements

Geo-targeting is a powerful tool for local businesses. It allows you to target customers in a specific location, so you can focus your resources and spend on people who are actually in the area you serve. This can be incredibly effective, but it's also very easy to fall into the trap of targeting too narrowly or not targeting at all.

Keyword Management

We know that PPC keyword management is a tough job. You have to wrangle your way through a ton of data, make sure you're optimizing for all the right things, and then there's always some kind of new algorithm update that throws your entire campaign into disarray. That's why we've got your back. We'll help you manage every aspect of your PPC keyword management—from setting up a campaign in the first place to making sure it stays on track throughout its life cycle.

Landing Page Performance Review

If you’re looking for PPC Landing Page Performance Review Services, Five Rivers Marketing is the place to go. Our team of experts can help you analyze your existing landing pages and provide a detailed analysis of what is working, what isn’t working, and how to make it better.

Cost and Performance Analysis

Our PPC Cost and Performance Analysis Services will give you a detailed breakdown of what's working in your PPC campaigns, and what isn't. We'll look at which keywords are most cost-effective, how many clicks they're generating, what the average cost per click is, and more.

Check In Calls/Meetings

We are a full-service PPC company that offers check-in calls and meetings services. We understand that your business is unique, and we have the skill set and experience to address your needs. Whether you need more time to focus on other tasks or just want someone else to run the day-to-day of your campaign, we can help.

Monthly Campaign Performance Report

We are a leading provider of PPC Monthly Campaign Performance Report Services. We provide monthly performance reports to help you stay on top of your PPC campaigns. Our PPC Monthly Campaign Performance Report Services are a great way to keep track of all the data that you need in order to run an effective campaign. You can find out what words and phrases have worked best for your business, as well as which ones have not worked so well. This will allow you to make changes so that your campaigns continue to be profitable and effective.

PPC Management Benefits

Benefits of PPC Management Services


You set the maximum budget for your ads

PPC is great for small businesses, because you can set your own budget and change it as needed. So if your business is growing, you can increase your ad budget to get more traffic to your website and products. If things are slowing down, you can lower the budget to save some money until business picks back up again. This way, you’ll never be paying too much for clicks that don’t convert into sales—and you’ll always be able to scale back if need be.


You only pay when someone clicks your ad

PPC ads are a great way to get your message in front of the right people. With PPC advertising, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, so you can control your budget and get the chance to convert. You can set a maximum spend ahead of time to avoid overspending.


You can easily test different ads

PPC providers offer valuable stats on how your marketing strategies are working, so you can refine them over time. All PPC providers track the same basic stats; for instance, how many clicks you get and what your charge is per click. We also track provider-specific info like this. These stats help you see if your campaign is working. You can tweak things in a matter of minutes if you need to. You may be surprised to learn that all PPC providers track how many times your ad is shown to people who don’t click it. You might not want to pay for those impressions, but they’re useful anyway because they help you see if your ad is getting into front-page positions and attracting attention from potential customers who aren’t ready to buy yet.


You can reach your ideal customers

Running an eCommerce business can make you more money, but it depends on how you set up your store. A web-based management system will automate inventory management and decrease the expenses associated with it by freeing you from daily tasks like ordering and restocking products. By automating these processes, you’ll be able to focus on marketing and other aspects of running your business that will help increase your bottom line. You’ll also save on operational costs by using an online shopping cart system that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This eliminates the need for a physical location to store inventory or sell products from, which saves money by reducing overhead costs such as rent, utilities and maintenance.

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Common PPC Management Questions

We believe that websites should be easy to use and that visitors should be able to find what they’re looking for quickly.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a way to get your business in front of potential customers. PPC ads are shown when people search for specific keywords or when they click on an ad that shows up on their screen.

PPC ads usually appear at the top or bottom of search results and sometimes in other places like Google Maps or YouTube videos. They’re easy to see, which makes them great for getting noticed by people who are looking for what you offer.

You can target your ads using keyword research to find out what people are searching for, then you can bid on those keywords. You can also target based on demographics and interests, past online activity, location and more.

PPC ads are a form of advertising in which you pay to have your advertisements appear on search engines, social media sites, and other sites that host paid listings.

PPC advertising can be an effective tool for reaching out to new customers. However, it is important to keep track of costs and ROI in order to make sure that PPC advertising is working for you.

SEO and PPC are two types of online marketing that can help you get more customers to your website.

“SEO” stands for “search engine optimization,” which refers to the process of increasing the visibility of a website or webpage within search engines. This can be done by optimizing content, including keywords and meta descriptions, on your site.

“PPC” stands for “pay per click,” which refers to increasing the visibility of a website or webpage through advertisements on search engines like Google or Bing.