Website Design – Pristine Environmental Services

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Pristine Environmental Services is committed to sustainable practices and has been since the company’s inception. They have always believed that a strong commitment to environmental responsibility is good for business—not just now, but in the long term as well. That’s they we offer environmentally responsible services that help businesses reduce their carbon footprint, while maximizing their bottom line. 

Their team of experts works with you to create a custom solution that fits your business’ needs and allows you to minimize your environmental impact while maximizing your bottom line. They’re here to help you find a solution that works for you and helps your business achieve its goals. They’re committed to helping you find an environmentally responsible solution that saves you money on energy bills, reduces waste, and helps you meet your sustainability goals.

Logo Design

Pristine Environmental Service was looking to create a brand that reflected its sustainability efforts. We started by creating 3 mockups for potential logos, and they chose our third option.

The final logo shows five arrows in a circle, representing the three steps of reduce, re-use, recycle, replenish, and reclaim. The arrows are made up of simple shapes with gradients and shadows applied to give them dimension and showcase the path to a more purified solution. 

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A Modern Website for a Modern Sustainable Solutions

Pristine Environmental’s website is a modern, sleek design that shows off the technology and solutions that go into wastewater purification services. We approached this project with a clean, contemporary approach to show how Pristine Environmental can make your water clean and safe again.

The site features a bright color scheme with plenty of white space to make it easy to navigate. We also included a call-to-action button on each page so you can reach them at any time to get more information about our services.

This website consists of 37 pages and has 32,000 words written for content!

Pristine Environmental Services wanted to utilize digital marketing because:

  • It will increase brand awareness and brand recognition
  • Showcases capabilities and provides some authority in the industry
  • Attract potential customers through SEO


What Pristine Environmental Said About Us

Five Rivers was spot on with y vision of what I wanted for a webpage. Very professional, easy to work with and ask great questions. They also had a lot of suggestions as to how to improve m vision. I couldn't be happier!