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What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that helps you gather and analyze data about your website’s visitors. It’s free to use, and it can be used to track everything from general information like the number of people who visit your site to more specific details like where they’re coming from and what they’re looking at.

Five Rivers Marketing has chosen Google Analytics as the platform for our analytics offering. We use it to provide insights into the online marketing efforts of our clients’ sites. Our marketing team members are Google Analytics-certified and Thrive is a Google Certified Partner.

Dayton, Ohio & Cincinnati, Ohio SEO Analysis Services

SEO & Google Analytic Audit Services

Are you looking to improve the performance of your website?

Our team at Five Rivers Marketing is here to help! We can audit the tracking code, configuration, data integrity, conversion tracking, and account linking for your Google Analytics account. Our team of certified experts will make sure that your Google Analytics account is up-to-date.

We’ll make sure that all of your reports are accurate and complete, and we’ll recommend any changes that need to be made. You’ll get an easy-to-read report with actionable recommendations as soon as we’re done!

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SEO Analysis Services for Dayton, Ohio & Cincinnati, Ohio Businesses

We offer SEO analysis services for Dayton, Ohio & Cincinnati, Ohio businesses. Our team can assist you with the proper setup and implementation of a new or existing Google Analytics account. We make certain that the analytics account is configured correctly and that you are capturing the necessary business data to use in your data analysis.

We also offer a full range of SEO services in Dayton, Ohio & Cincinnati, Ohio including keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, content marketing, and more.


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Common SEO Analysis Questions

We believe that websites should be easy to use and that visitors should be able to find what they’re looking for quickly.

Bounce rate is a metric that Google Analytics uses to track how many people visit your website and immediately leave. It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean they’ve closed their browser or shut down their computer; it just means they didn’t spend any more time on your site than they did while they were on your homepage.

If you have a high bounce rate, it might mean that people are not finding what they’re looking for when they get to your site—or maybe it just means that the way you’ve set up your website makes it hard for them to find what they’re looking for! Either way, it’s something you should address if you want to improve your SEO results.

Yes! You can use Google Analytics for free.

Google Analytics provides you with the tools you need to understand your customers’ behavior and improve your marketing ROI. It’s one of the best free analytics platforms out there, and it gives you access to a ton of useful data about your website traffic—including where your audience is coming from, how long they stay on your site, what pages they visit, and what devices they use most often.

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that helps you track and analyze your website’s traffic. It uses a JavaScript tag on each page of your site to send information back to Google about how visitors engage with your content.

The data gathered by the page tag can then be used to generate customizable reports to track and visualize a variety of information, including the number of users, bounce rates, average session durations, sessions by channel, page views, goal completions and more.

Can you see Google Analytics for any website? It’s not possible to see Google Analytics reports for another site unless the site owner shares reports or account access with you. However, there are tools that estimate a website’s traffic and search volume, but they aren’t completely accurate.

For example, Moz provides an “Estimated Traffic” tool that uses an algorithm to estimate how much traffic a site receives based on factors like keywords and links. Other tools include Alexa and SimilarWeb, which use similar methods to calculate how much traffic a site gets per month.